2019 Composite Girls Basketball Schedule and Results

11/22/19Fort OsagePark Hill South48-47 Fort Osage
11/25/19Lee's SummitPark Hill57-36 Park Hill
11/25/19Raymore-PeculiarBlue Springs South71-40 BS South
11/25/19Lee's Summit WestLiberty North51-49 Liberty North
11/25/19Fort OsagePembroke Hill56-44 Fort Osage
11/25/19Oak ParkWilliam Chrisman61-47 Chrisman
11/25/19Lee's Summit NorthTruman62-26 Truman
11/26/19St. Joseph BentonSt. Joseph Central47-27 SJ Central
11/26/19CenterRaytown69-34 Raytown
12/2/19Raymore-PeculiarPark Hill South44-38 PH South
12/2/19Blue Springs SouthRuskin66-24 BS South
12/2/19SavannahWilliam Chrisman56-36 Chrisman
12/2/19North Kansas CityLee's Summit63-32 NKC
12/2/19Oak ParkWinnetonka53-27 Oak Park
12/2/19Park HillFort Osage69-43 Park Hill
12/2/19St. Joe LafayetteTruman57-23 Truman
12/2/19Lee's Summit WestBlue Springs54-48 LSW
12/2/19Raytown SouthBelton46-30 Belton
12/2/19StaleySt. Joseph Benton42-40 Staley
12/2/19Grain ValleySmith-Cotton54-58 Grain Valley
12/3/19SmithvilleChillicothe56-49 Chillicothe
12/3/19Van HornRaytown South43-38 Van Horn
12/3/19WinnetonkaRuskin61-50 Winnetonka
12/3/19Fort OsageGrandview55-48 Grandview
12/3/19Lee's Summit NorthPlatte County67-42 LSN
12/3/19Raymore-PeculiarLee's Summit51-28 RayPec
12/4/19Blue Springs SouthOak Park52-43 BS South
12/4/19Grain ValleyFather Tolton45-38 Grain Valley
12/4/19Park Hill SouthNorth Kansas City36-31 NKC
12/4/19Platte CountyLafayette41-33 Platte County
12/4/19William ChrismanChillicothe51-33 Chrisman
12/5/19Park HillGrandiew60-40 Park Hill
12/5/19Lee's Summit NorthTruman57-41 Truman
12/5/19Lee's SummitRuskin57-37 Lee's Summit
12/5/19WinnetonkaRaymore-Peculiar79-26 RayPec
12/5/19SavannahSmithville63-49 Smithville
12/5/19StaleyMaryville49-39 Staley
12/6/19Pembroke HillRaytown South54-46 Pembroke
12/6/19Park Hill SouthOak Park42-40 PH South
12/6/19Park HillTruman51-47 Truman
12/6/19GrandviewLee's Summit North52-44 Grandview
12/6/19Fort OsagePlatte County56-40 Fort Osage
12/6/19BeltonRuskin56-24 Belton
12/6/19North Kansas CityBlue Springs South46-43 BS South
12/6/19Blue SpringsIncarnate Word75-71 IWA
12/6/19St. Joseph CentralBishop Miege58-33 Miege
12/6/19Marshall Grain Valley42-40 Marshall
12/7/19StaleyWilliam Chrisman54-52 OT Staley
12/7/19SmithvilleSt. Joseph Benton56-32 Smithville
12/7/19LibertyLee's Summit West45-44 Liberty
12/9/19Van HornOak Park55-24 Oak Park
12/9/19St. Joseph CentralRaytown49-27 SJ Central
12/9/19KearneyShawnee Miss South33-21 Kearney
12/9/19Lincoln PrepPark Hill43-35 Lincoln Prep
12/9/19Olathe NorthwestTruman47-33 Olathe NW
12/9/19North Kansas CityBelton43-26 NKC
12/9/19Fort OsageBlue Springs67-39 Blue Springs
12/9/19StaleyLee's Summit North56-28 Staley
12/9/19Park Hill SouthBlue Springs South55-26 BS South
12/9/19SmithvilleGrandview47-29 Smithville
12/9/19Liberty NorthSt. Pius X38-29 SPX
12/10/19Blue ValleyLiberty49-39 Liberty
12/10/19Rock BridgeLee's Summit West50-48 Rock Bridge
12/10/19Blue SpringsOlathe East45-36 Olathe East
12/10/19SmithvillePlatte County55-23 Smithville
12/10/19WinnetonkaExcelsior Springs53-50 Winnetonka
12/11/19St. Teresa's AcademyLee's Summit North54-41 LSN
12/11/19St. Joseph CentralKearney38-35 Kearney
12/11/19Park HillLiberty North51-47 Park Hill
12/11/19TrumanGardner-Edgerton57-30 Truman
12/11/19RaytownShawnee Mission S51-43 Raytown
12/12/19Olathe EastLiberty36-28 Liberty
12/12/19Blue ValleyBlue Springs62-41 Blue Springs
12/12/19RuskinPlatte County57-52 Ruskin
12/12/19North Kansas CityWilliam Chrisman46-32 NKC
12/12/19Lee's Summit WestSt. Joseph Benton61-38 LSW
12/12/19Lee's SummitBelton60-33 Belton
12/12/19Fort OsageStaley70-35 Staley
12/12/19Blue Springs SouthSt. Teresa's Academy55-41 BS South
12/12/19Raytown SouthGrain Valley50-24 Grain Valley
12/12/19Raymore-PeculiarGrandview50-45 RayPec
12/13/19Lincoln PrepSt. Joseph Central40-37 Lincoln Prep
12/13/19RaytownPark Hill57-41 Park Hill
12/13/19NixaLiberty49-32 Liberty
12/13/19Liberty NorthShawnee Mission S45-25 Liberty North
12/13/19St. Pius XKearney37-32 Kearney
12/13/19Winnetonka Oak Park55-27 Oak park
12/13/19Blue Valley SouthwestTruman56-53 BVSW
12/14/19Free StateBlue Springs73-42 Blue Springs
12/16/19StaleyLiberty Northppd 2/18/20
12/16/19Lee's Summit WestPark Hillppd 1/27/20
12/16/19Oak ParkRuskinppd
12/16/19Blue Springs SouthRaytownppd 2/25/20
12/16/19Lee's Summit NorthMetro Academyppd 1/15/20
12/16/19William ChrismanBlue Springsppd 1/14/20
12/17/19St. Pius XNorth Kansas City41-33 St. Pius X
12/17/19KearneyGrain Valley52-32 Kearney
12/17/19BeltonFort Osage47-39 Belton
12/17/19Raytown SouthSmithville57-32 Smithville
12/17/19Lee's SummitPark Hill South42-27 PH South
12/18/19Liberty NorthRaymore-Peculiar69-47 Liberty North
12/18/19LibertySt. Teresa's Academy48-18 Liberty
12/18/19Lee's SummitSt. Joseph Central69-26 SJ Central
12/18/19HarrisonvilleGrandview59-28 Grandview
12/18/19Platte CountyPark Hill South50-31 Platte County
12/18/19StaleyKearney45-27 Staley
12/19/19Grain ValleyPlatte County41-36 Grain Valley
12/19/19GrandviewExcelsior Springs71-26 Grandview
12/19/19Notre Dame de SionLee's Summit West60-49 LSW
12/19/19Park HillSt. Joseph Benton58-39 Park Hill
12/19/19RaytownVan Horn49-26 Raytown
12/19/19Raytown SouthWinnetonka59-48 Winnetonka
12/19/19RuskinBlue Springs South64-18 BS South
12/19/19TrumanWilliam Chrisman45-41 Truman
12/19/19North Kansas CityOak Park51-36 NKC
12/20/19KearneyLiberty North45-38 Kearney
12/20/19Blue SpringsBlue Valley West64-31 Blue Springs
12/20/19BeltonRaymore-Peculiar38-31 RayPec
12/20/19StaleyPark Hill South64-42 Staley
12/26/19LibertyFrancis Howell North66-45 Liberty
12/26/19North Kansas CitySouthwind60-47 NKC
12/27/19Blue Springs SouthHelias48-35 BS South
12/27/19BeltonWesley Chapel, FL55-43 Belton
12/27/19ChillicotheSmithville43-40 Smithville
12/27/19LibertyRockwood Summit61-20 Liberty
12/27/19North Kansas CityNeosho66-31 NKC
12/27/19St. Joseph CentralRoberts, PA64-42 SJC
12/28/19BeltonNease, FL47-36 Belton
12/28/19Blair OaksBlue Springs South54-28 BS South
12/28/19Baberton, OHSt. Joseph Central48-39 SJC
12/28/19Grain ValleyOak Grove51-18 Grain Valley
12/28/19LibertyRockwood Summit49-31 Liberty
12/28/19North Kansas CityWhitehaven, TN57-42 Whitehaven
12/28/19SmithvilleTrenton52-44 Smithville
12/29/19Blue Springs SouthJefferson City51-29 JC
12/30/19St. Joseph CentralSouth Fayette, PA62-32 SJC
1/2/20Grain ValleyWinnetonka53-28 Grain Valley
1/3/20Lee's SummitLiberty North60-19 Liberty North
1/3/20Lee's Summit WestLee's Summit North54-35 LS West
1/3/20Platte CountyRaytown South59-54 Platte County
1/6/20Blue Valley NorthLiberty North43-35 BV North
1/6/20Grain ValleySmithville53-34 Grain Valley
1/6/20GrandviewBlue Springs64-56 OT BS
1/6/20LibertyStaley45-28 Liberty
1/6/20Oak ParkRaytown South56-35 Oak Park
1/6/20Park Hill SouthLee's Summit41-25 PH South
1/6/20RuskinRaymore-Peculiar64-31 RayPec
1/6/20St. Teresa's AcademyWilliam Chrisman56-54 Chrisman
1/6/20TrumanSt. Joseph Central35-24 Truman
1/6/20WinnetonkaKearney57-25 Kearney
1/7/20RaytownBelton32-30 Belton
1/7/20SmithvilleKearney44-38 Kearney
1/7/20Blue Valley NorthBlue Springs64-61 Blue Springs
1/7/20Liberty NorthGrandview51-33 Liberty North
1/7/20St. Teresa's AcademyRuskin68-27 STA
1/7/20William ChrismanRaymore-Peculiar41-40 RayPec
1/8/20Park HillPark Hill South48-33 Park Hill
1/8/20Blue Valley NorthWilliam Chrisman53-41 BV North
1/8/20Raymore-PeculiarBlue Springs55-38 Blue Springs
1/8/20St. Teresa's AcademyLiberty North55-20 Liberty North
1/8/20RuskinGrandview73-46 Grandview
1/9/20Fort OsageRaytown61-49 Raytown
1/9/20KearneyPlatte County59-22 Kearney
1/9/20Lee's SummitLee's Summit West70-47 LSW
1/9/20Oak ParkSt. Joseph Central53-45 SJC
1/9/20North Kansas CityGrain Valley53-39 NKC
1/9/20StaleyTruman55-36 Truman
1/9/20Park HillBlue Springs South55-50 BS South
1/9/20WinnetonkaSmithville67-24 Smithville
1/10/20Park Hill SouthLiberty74-35 LIberty
1/10/20Notre Dame de SionTruman62-32 Truman
1/11/20St. Joseph BentonNorth Kansas Cityppd
1/11/20St. Joseph CentralLincoln Prepppd
1/11/20St. Thomas AquinasLibertyppd
1/13/20Lee's SummitStaley45-41 Staley
1/13/20LibertyTruman41-26 Liberty
1/13/20Liberty NorthSt. Joseph Central56-43 Liberty North
1/13/20North Kansas CityRaytown48-44 NKC
1/13/20Raymore-PeculiarLee's Summit North50-45 LS North
1/13/20RuskinFort Osage51-45 Fort Osage
1/13/20William ChrismanOak Park58-50 Oak Park
1/13/20BeltonSummit Christian57-34 Belton
1/13/20Grain ValleyPembroke Hill52-19 Grain Valley
1/13/20ClintonGrandview53-34 Grandview
1/13/20KearneySt. Joseph Lafayette58-20 Kearney
1/13/20ChillicothePlatte County54-48 Chillicothe
1/13/20Raytown SouthNotre Dame de Sion56-33 NDS
1/13/20SoutheastPark Hill66-30 Park Hill
1/14/20William ChrismanBlue Springs42-30 Blue Springs
1/14/20WinnetonkaVan Horn59-53 Van Horn
1/14/20St. Teresa's AcademyLee's Summit West66-26 LS West
1/14/20St. Pius XSmithville51-38 SPX
1/15/20Lee's Summit NorthMetro Academy52-20 LS North
1/15/20ChillicothePark Hill59-50 Park Hill
1/15/20GrandviewBelton50-44 Belton
1/15/20LafayetteRaytown South42-22 Lafayette
1/15/20Notre Dame de SionKearney51-37 Kearney
1/15/20OdessaGrain Valley39-23 Grain Valley
1/15/20SoutheastPlatte County59-54 Platte County
1/16/20Fort OsageWilliam Chrisman62-29 Chrisman
1/16/20Lee's SummitBlue Springs South64-29 BS South
1/16/20Oak ParkRaytown54-40 Oak Park
1/16/20Raymore-PeculiarLee's Summit West78-44 LS West
1/16/20RuskinNorth Kansas City60-48 NKC
1/16/20St. Joseph CentralStaley41-40 SJC
1/16/20St. Teresa's AcademyBlue Springs69-36 Blue Springs
1/16/20TrumanPark Hill South50-36 Truman
1/17/20GrandviewOdessa50-43 Grandview
1/17/20LibertyLiberty North33-28 Liberty
1/17/20Platte CountyLafayette62-37 Platte County
1/17/20RuskinOak Park52-36 Oak Park
1/18/20Grain ValleyBelton47-29 Belton
1/18/20Park HillKearney49-41 Kearney
1/20/20KearneyRaytown South60-23 Kearney
1/20/20Park HillRaymore-Peculiar75-44 Park HIll
1/20/20RaytownSt. Thomas Aquinas58-27 STA
1/20/20Lee's Summit WestTruman58-48 LS West
1/20/20WinnetonkaLiberty North70-15 Liberty North
1/20/20SmithvilleRuskin49-26 Smithville
1/20/20Park Hill SouthOak Park51-36 Oak Park
1/21/20BeltonGrandview45-40 Grandview
1/21/20Fort OsageGrain Valley53-32 Grain Valley
1/21/20St. JamesStaley47-40 Staley
1/21/20Lincoln PrepOak Park50-45 Oak Park
1/21/20Liberty NorthSmithville44-30 Liberty North
1/21/20Lee's Summit NorthBlue Valley North61-27 BVN
1/21/20Park Hill SouthWyandotte49-11 PH South
1/21/20WinnetonkaRuskin56-44 Ruskin
1/21/20St. Joseph CentralBlue Valley54-43 SJC
1/22/20RaytownLiberty46-28 Liberty
1/22/20St. MichaelLee's Summit North56-53 LSN
1/22/20TrumanSt. Teresa's Academy67-54 Truman
1/23/20Blue Springs SouthRaymore-Peculiar46-41 BS South
1/23/20Fort OsageNorth Kansas City45-38 NKC
1/23/20Grain ValleyKearney50-27 Kearney
1/23/20GrandviewRaytown South69-30 Grandview
1/23/20Platte CountyLee's Summit50-38 Platte County
1/23/20St. Thomas AquinasLiberty51-41 Liberty
1/23/20Rock BridgeLee's Summit West65-40 Rock Bridge
1/23/20Blue SpringsNeosho65-10 Blue Springs
1/23/20Liberty NorthOak Park61-39 Liberty North
1/23/20SmithvilleLincoln Prep49-43 Lincoln Prep
1/23/20NevadaWilliam Chrisman48-46 Nevada
1/24/20Blue SpringsFontenac65-33 Blue Springs
1/24/20Lee's Summit NorthSt. James Academy55-47 SJA
1/24/20Park Hill SouthRuskin54-28 PH South
1/24/20William ChrismanChristian Her...62-58 OT CHHS
1/25/20RaytownTruman46-44 Truman
1/25/20Blue SpringsProvidence59-34 Blue Springs
1/25/20LibertyRock Bridge43-34 Liberty
1/25/20Lee's Summit WestSt. Thomas Aquinas58-41 Aquinas
1/25/20William ChrismanNeosho57-42 Chrisman
1/27/20BeltonNorth Kansas City48-37 NKC
1/27/20Blue Springs SouthLee's Summit North44-43 BS South
1/27/20GrandviewKearney52-40 Kearney
1/27/20Lee's SummitLiberty55-16 Liberty
1/27/20Lee's Summit WestPark Hill86-46 LSW
1/27/20Liberty NorthTruman48-42 Truman
1/27/20Olathe NorthSt. Joseph Central53-49 Olathe North
1/27/20Platte CountySt. Joseph Lafayette60-46 Platte County
1/27/20RaytownWilliam Chrisman54-39 Raytown
1/27/20Van HornRaytown South52-39 Van Horn
1/27/20HigginsvilleSmithville61-27 Smithville
1/27/20Raymore-PeculiarPleasant Hill61-39 RayPec
1/27/20Oak ParkFort Osage54-38 Oak Park
1/27/20St. MichaelWinnetonka59-38 SMA
1/27/20Oak GroveGrain Valley62-23 Grain Valley
1/28/20Park HillBlue Springs61-45 Park Hill
1/28/20Park Hill SouthSt. Joseph Central40-39 PH South
1/29/20William ChrismanLee's Summit North28-20 Chrisman
1/29/20Raymore-PeculiarOak Park49-42 RayPec
1/29/20Grain ValleySt. Michael58-39 Grain Valley
1/29/20Fort OsagePleasant Hill64-56 Fort Osage
1/29/20WinnetonkaOak Grove52-23 Oak Grove
1/30/20Blue SpringsBlue Springs South61-48 Blue Springs
1/30/20Lee's Summit NorthCenter67-20 LS North
1/30/20LibertySt. Joseph Central31-26 Liberty
1/30/20Park HillSt. Pius X50-46 St. Pius X
1/30/20Platte CountyKearney57-15 Kearney
1/30/20RaytownNorth Kansas City45-44 Raytown
1/30/20BeltonParkway North70-63 Parkway North
1/30/20SmithvilleChillicothe57-50 Smithville
1/31/20Liberty NorthPark Hill South40-24 Liberty North
1/31/20TrumanLee's Summit43-21 Truman
1/31/20BeltonWalnut Grove61-34 Walnut Grove
1/31/20LebanonLee's Summit West53-42 LSW
1/31/20Oak ParkSt. Michael45-43 St. Michael
1/31/20Grain ValleyRaymore-Peculiar54-46 Grain Valley
1/31/20William ChrismanRuskin66-41 Chrisman
1/31/20Fort OsageOak Grove56-55 Oak Grove
1/31/20Pleasant HillWinnetonka62-31 Pleasant Hill
2/1/20Lee's SummitBarstow62-39 Lee's Summit
2/1/20RuskinRaytown73-48 Raytown
2/1/20HickmanStaley53-42 Staley
2/1/20BeltonSt. Charles41-39 Belton
2/1/20SmithvilleMaryville54-51 Smithville
2/1/20Parkway NorthLee's Summit West70-53 LSW
2/3/20Fort OsageOak Park57-44 Oak Park
2/3/20GrandviewGrain Valley40-39 Grandview
2/3/20Lee's Summit NorthBlue Springs60-44 Blue Springs
2/3/20Liberty NorthLee's Summit50-32 Liberty North
2/3/20Raytown SouthPlatte County58-23 Platte County
2/3/20SmithvilleWinnetonka62-31 Smithville
2/3/20St. Joseph CentralTruman55-48 SJC
2/3/20St. Teresa's AcademyRaymore-Peculiar52-49 STA
2/3/20HarmonBlue Springs South79-12 BS South
2/3/20Lincoln PrepNorth Kansas City48-42 Lincoln Prep
2/3/20Park Hill SouthKearney49-21 Kearney
2/4/20BeltonWilliam Chrisman43-17 Chrisman
2/4/20RaytownPark Hill47-35 Park Hill
2/5/20GrandviewPlatte Countyppd 2/11
2/5/20Lee's Summit Ruskin50-41 Lee's Summit
2/6/20Blue SpringsRaymore-Peculiar57-31 Blue Springs
2/6/20Fort OsageRuskin60-41 Fort Osage
2/6/20GrandviewWinnetonka78-16 Grandview
2/6/20Lee's Summit NorthLiberty50-21 Liberty
2/6/20Oak ParkBelton40-35 Oak Park
2/6/20Platte CountyPark HIll62-38 Park Hill
2/6/20SmithvilleGrain Valley62-42 Smithville
2/6/20TrumanStaley49-42 Staley
2/6/20SchlaglePark Hill South49-43 PH South
2/6/20HarmonNorth Kansas City49-19 NKC
2/6/20St. Pius XKearney54-39 Kearney
2/6/20Lincoln PrepBlue Springs South51-47 BS South
2/7/20Fort OsageRuskin60-41 Fort Osage
2/7/20St. Joseph Central Liberty North38-34 Liberty North
2/7/20StaleyLiberty50-31 Liberty
2/7/20WinnetonkaPlatte County55-48 Winnetonka
2/7/20Blue SpringsRaymore-Peculiar57-31 Blue Springs
2/7/20Blue Springs SouthKearney45-37 Kearney
2/7/20Park Hill SouthNorth Kansas City38-36 NKC
2/8/20Raytown SouthRaytown75-16 Raytown
2/10/20Blue SpringsLee's Summit West57-42 LSW
2/10/20Blue Springs SouthSmith-Cotton58-21 BS South
2/10/20Fort OsageBelton52-43 Belton
2/10/20KearneyTruman42-36 Kearney
2/10/20Lee's Summit NorthPark Hill69-41 Park Hill
2/10/20LibertyPark Hill South38-10 Liberty
2/10/20Liberty NorthStaley33-31 Staley
2/10/20North Kansas CityRuskin65-33 NKC
2/10/20Platte CountySmithville56-39 Smithville
2/10/20RaytownOak Park55-42 Oak Park
2/10/20Raytown SouthGrandview58-27 Grandview
2/10/20Raymore-PeculiarWilliam Chrisman45-36 Chrisman
2/10/20St. Joseph CentralLee's Summit58-29 SJC
2/10/20WinnetonkaGrain Valley52-22 Grain Valley
2/11/20GrandviewPlatte County54-45 Grandview
2/12/20Liberty NorthPlatte County47-31 Liberty North
2/12/20Raytown Ruskin68-37 Raytown
2/13/20Blue Springs Blue Springs South39-24 Blue Springs
2/13/20Grain ValleyGrandview67-57 Grain Valley
2/13/20KearneyWinnetonka50-17 Kearney
2/13/20Raymore-PeculiarPark HIll57-53 RayPec
2/13/20RuskinSt. Teresa'sCancelled
2/13/20SmithvilleRaytown South56-29 Smithville
2/13/20TrumanLiberty North39-30 Liberty North
2/14/20BeltonRaytown44-42 Raytown
2/14/20Lee's Summit NorthLee's Summit West56-31 LS West
2/14/20LibertyLee's Summit55-10 Liberty
2/14/20Oak ParkNorth Kansas City45-43 Oak Park
2/14/20Park Hill SouthStaley40-38 Staley
2/14/20William ChrismanFort Osage50-18 Chrisman
2/15/20St. Joseph BentonNorth Kansas City42-35 NKC
2/17/20Blue Springs Park Hill57-49 Blue Springs
2/17/20Blue Springs SouthLee's Summit West62-41 LS West
2/17/20GrandviewSmithville43-42 Grandview
2/17/20Lee's Summit NorthRaymore-Peculiar53-35 LS North
2/17/20RaytownFort Osage66-30 Raytown
2/17/20Raytown SouthKearney54-26 Ray South
2/17/20RuskinOak Park59-30 Oak Park
2/17/20StaleyLee's Summit64-39 Staley
2/17/20St. Joseph CentralPark Hill South54-20 SJC
2/17/20TrumanLiberty46-39 OT Liberty
2/17/20William ChrismanNorth Kansas City39-38 OT Chrisman
2/18/20Platte CountyWinnetonka56-31 Platte County
2/18/20StaleyLiberty North33-32 Liberty North
2/19/20RaytownLee's Summit68-38 Raytown
2/20/20BeltonOak Park41-33 Oak Park
2/20/20Blue SpringsLee's Summit North49-32 Blue Springs
2/20/20Blue Springs SouthPark Hill52-43 Park Hill
2/20/20Grain ValleyRaytown South65-42 Grain Valley
2/20/20KearneySmithville48-36 Kearney
2/20/20North Kansas CityFort Osage56-32 NKC
2/20/20Park Hill SouthTruman44-40 PH South
2/20/20Platte CountyGrandview74-35 Grandview
2/20/20StaleySt. Joseph Central55-52 SJC
2/21/20KearneySmithville48-36 Kearney
2/21/20Lee's Summit WestRaymore-Peculiar51-39 LS West
2/21/20Liberty NorthLiberty31-26 Liberty
2/21/20RuskinWilliam Chrisman38-63 Chrisman
2/24/20KearneyGrandview45-41 Kearney
2/24/20Lee's SummitTruman49-38 Truman
2/24/20Lee's Summit NorthBlue Springs South57-51 BS South
2/24/20Oak ParkFort Osage61-25 Oak Park
2/24/20Park HillLee's Summit West68-61 Park Hill
2/24/20Park Hill SouthLiberty North40-17 Liberty North
2/24/20Platte CountyGrain Valley57-20 Grain Valley
2/24/20Raymore-PeculiarBlue Springs57-42 Blue Springs
2/24/20RuskinBelton56-25 Belton
2/24/20St. Joseph CentralLiberty54-48 Liberty
2/24/20William ChrismanRaytown52-29 Raytown
2/24/20WinnetonkaRaytown South65-50 Ray South
2/25/20Blue SpringsRock Bridge55-51 Blue Springs
2/25/20Blue Springs SouthRaytown68-52 BS South
2/25/20North Kansas CityStaley61-56 Staley
2/25/20RuskinBelton56-25 Belton
2/25/20St. Teresa's AcademyKearney57-28 Kearney
2/26/20Oak ParkRuskin63-29 Oak Park
2/26/20Park HIllLee's Summit North54-49 Park Hill
2/26/20SmithvilleStaley42-39 Staley
2/26/20WinnetonkaGrandview60-22 Grandview
2/27/20Raymore-PeculiarFort Osage59-35 RayPec
2/27/20William ChrismanBelton39-37 Belton
2/28/20Lee's Summit WestBlue Springs South58-51 BS South
MSHSAA POST SEASONDistrict TournamentClass 4 and 5
2/29/20Ruskin 7Grandview 263-27 Grandview
2/29/20Raytown South 6Odessa 355-20 Odessa
2/29/20Northeast 6Winnetonka 354-15 Winnetonka
2/29/20Savannah 5Platte County 462-28 Savannah
2/29/20St. Teresa's Academy 5Raytown 456-44 Raytown
2/29/20Fort Osage 5William Chrisman 450-18 Chrisman
2/29/20Park Hill South 5Staley 445-34 Staley
3/2/20Grain Valley 1Oak Grove 552-28 Grain Valley
3/2/20Kearney 1Savannah 550-30 Kearney
3/2/20Smithville 2Benton 353-44 Benton
3/2/20Lee's Summit 5Lee's Summit North 455-34 LS North
3/2/20Blue Springs 1 Raytown 449-46 Blue Springs
3/2/20Truman 3Blue Springs South 256-51 Truman
3/2/20Liberty 1William Chrisman 428-15 Liberty
3/2/20North Kansas City 3Liberty North 263-31 Liberty North
3/2/20Park Hill 1Staley 461-54 Staley
3/2/20Oak Park 3St. Joseph Central 276-63 SJC
3/2/20Winnetonka 3Van Horn 251-44 Winnetonka
3/3/20Lee's Summit West 1Lee's Summit North 462-54 LS West
3/3/20Raymore-Peculiar 2Belton 337-24 Belton
3/3/20Grandview 2Warrensburg 368-46 Grandview
3/5/20Nevada 1Grandview 265-44 Nevada
3/5/20Liberty 1Liberty North 231-27 Liberty
3/5/20St. Joseph Central 2Staley 435-31 SJC
3/6/20Grain Valley 1Center 258-39 Grain Valley
3/6/20Lincoln Prep 1Winnetonka 354-27 Lincoln Prep
3/6/20Kearney 1Benton 348-30 Kearney
3/6/20Lee's Summit West 1Belton 356-47 LS West
3/7/20Blue Springs 1Truman 345-36 Blue Springs
3/10/20Grain ValleyNevada36-27 Grain Valley
3/10/20KearneyLincoln Prep34-30 Lincoln Prep
3/11/20Lee's Summit WestBlue Springs68-58 Blue Springs
3/11/20LibertySt. Joseph Central45-39 Liberty
3/14/20Grain ValleyLincoln Prep63-45 Lincoln Prep
3/14/20Liberty Blue Springs51-41 Blue Springs
MSHSAA post-season cancelled 3/16/20